Disney Horses, Part IV

Believe it or not, there are real horses at Disneyworld. (besides the trolley horses on Main Street) They live at the Tri-Circle-D Ranch over at Fort Wilderness. A couple years back, my aunt and I went on a trail ride there, which was a nice break from the heat and crowds of the parks.
This time I didn’t get to wander around much, but I did come across a couple Percherons. They were waiting to pull people around in a wagon.
WL_01There were lots of ponies too:
WL_03Hanging out with them was more fun than standing in the sun with everyone else. 😉
WL_02I’ve heard before that these ponies are used to pull the princess’ carriages in parades? I’m not sure if that’s true of this mare or not. Her mane and tail were all curly though:
Annnd that’s all for the Disney-horse-spam. 🙂 Like I said, I know I missed loads, but I found loads as well!


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