Red, White and Blue… and Yellow

I was hoping that once the Arabian-costume muse came back from it’s (long) vacation, I would pick up my costumes again. But noooo… it had other ideas…

RedCollarSetI guess when inspiration hits for something, you’ve just got to go with it and get it out of your system. (that’s how it is for me, anyway) It feels so good to be working on Arab tack again though!
Hopefully when the red one’s finished, I can turn my attention back to these. They’re looking kind of sad right now.

In other news, I’ve got a part-time job again. I’ve been working evenings mostly, so I’ve got lots of free time during the day to waste on the internet work on tack. So I will get to these costumes (and everything else) eventually. Hopefully it won’t take years but you never really know with me…

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