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These past couple of weeks have been… ugh. My job is considered essential, and I’m grateful I’m still working, but everyone’s hours have been cut in half for who knows how long. The uncertainty of what’s next is stressful. Have to take it one day at a time, I suppose.

The hobby has been a nice distraction, and I’m loving the number of photo challenges going on. I’m participating in one, the Shelter and Share photo challenge, and I’m enjoying it so much. Whenever the panicky feelings or “what if?” questions start in my mind, I try to refocus on what I can do for the day’s photo prompt instead. It’s been helping.

I share these on my social media accounts, but I also wanted to share them here too.

Day 1: Fool’s Gold

I thought this gold mule keychain would fit this prompt well. I also found a piece of pyrite from my grandpa’s mineral collection, and since that’s literally “fool’s gold” I thought I would include it too.

Day 2: No TP? How about TBs?

Or both? In my head they’re racing back home after successfully purchasing a package of TP from the store.

Another version:

I spent way too much time on this package of toilet paper, so here’s a close up. The label is from one of My Froggy Stuff’s printables.

There are six individual rolls in here. 😳 (made from a napkin I found stuffed in my purse of course!)

Day 3: First Model

My first Traditional model was Like A Diamond on the Adios mold. I had only recently shared a photo of him on my Instagram page, so I thought I would approach this prompt a little differently.

Day 4: Caturday

Day 5: Hobby Item You Made

I’ve made a lot over the years, so I tried to fit as much of it as I could in one shot.

Day 6: When Pets and Models Collide

Denny (my parents’ cat) wasn’t too interested in this one.

Day 7: Small but Mighty

A continuation of “first model”

Day 8: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

I don’t have nearly enough pink stuff in my collection and I need to correct this asap. In the meantime here is Rhian in her pink blanket. The dog was a Michaels find from a few years ago.

Day 9: Silliest, Goofiest, Guiltiest Pleasure Model

I love dressing up my horses in brightly colored blankets with cute/silly prints on them. The ice cream blanket was supposed to come to BreyerWest with me, but I ran out of time/motivation to finish it.

Day 10: Birthday Gift Model

These two horses were a gift for my 15th birthday, so I knew I wanted to do something with them. There’s a plate of chopped apples for the horses, and an apple pie instead of cake. I usually prefer pie or ice cream over cake for my birthday. 🥧

A close up of the presents I (again) spent way too much time on:

Thank you for creating this challenge, Sarah and Kirsten Wellman! Now to plan out today’s photo 📷

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Five years ago I wrote a post explaining how I photograph my models. Looking back on it now makes me cringe.

So dark 😦

It’s kind of amusing to read. My photos have changed a lot in five years so I think it’s time to revisit that old post.

First off, what hasn’t changed:
My cameras. I use a Canon Rebel T1i for 99% of my photos. (I’m considering upgrading to a newer model though :3) I rarely use my Powershot for models nowadays. Lately I’ve been using an iPhone for quick IG photos too.
I’ve improved with learning how my camera works, and I was shooting in RAW for better control of the image until my computer decided it no longer likes opening RAW files. (whhhhyyyyy???)

My basic backdrop is still a white piece of poster board, and Photoshop is still my go-to for editing, but I’m using the full version over Elements now.

The biggest change I’ve made is lighting.

I have struggled SO MUCH with lighting. For the longest time I was trying to make due with natural light or my desk lamp, neither of which were giving me very good results.

I ended up finding an Ottlite on clearance and decided to give it a try to see if it would help. It did! For a couple years this was my photo setup:

Combining the two lights, my camera’s settings and some minor tweaks in Photoshop helped me finally start getting photos I was happy with.

But it has it’s downsides. It’s not portable, the light can be very harsh, and my desk simply isn’t big enough for any other type of set up. I’ve had more interest in setting up arena and “outdoor” scenes, and natural lighting worked ok… but only if I could catch it at the right hour and Photoshop everything afterward.

Other problems included space for the setup, shiny backdrops, and having to rely too much on Photoshop.

I wish I still had the “before.” This photo is VERY edited and I don’t like it when I have to do that

This Enterprise Props shoot is what pushed me over the edge. The final images are ok, but they all had to be salvaged with heavy editing. My scene setup with the natural lighting is in an extremely tight space, and is too large for any table, so everything had to be set up on the floor. Taking photos required me to lay on my side (literally pressed against a wall, lol) and awkwardly prop the camera up. The whole thing was just frustrating and painful.

I had considered buying a light tent of some sort, as I know a lot of hobbyists use those for model photography. The problem I have with those is the size. Sure they would be perfect for collection photos or props or tack, but my backdrops are big, and finding a big enough tent (or making one) seemed like another hassle.

Instead, I did some searching on photography lighting, and ended up purchasing this set of softboxes on Amazon.

These lights changed EVERYTHING and made model photography so much easier for me. They’re huge, but they can be completely folded up for easy storage. I can adjust the angle and the height, keeping them low to the ground, or up higher for something on a table.

Here is a basic, white backdrop setup with the lights:

This room has a gas fireplace and YES the backdrop is taped to the front BUT it’s completely shut off. I’m not that stupid XD

And the settings I used for those curious:

I vary all the settings whenever I take pictures. What might work for one horse won’t with another, so it’s nice to have several different photos to go through.

Here’s the final image. All I did was resize it, add a subtle unsharp mask and my watermark.

I love being able to get brightly lit photos at any time of day, at any spot in the room, at any time of the year now.

That was really hard to do before. And because the light comes from above, reflective backdrops aren’t a big issue anymore either.

I do struggle with over and under exposure. A more neutral backdrop (such as grey or tan) would be better for photographing horses, but I’ve been using bright white for so long that it wouldn’t feel right to change it now. :/

I’m still learning. But upgrading my lights was an extremely good choice for me, as I use them often for blog and sales photos. Setting up scenes isn’t as frustrating as it used to be, and I’ve been enjoying it so much more.

I still have to set up and tear everything down whenever I take photos, which is annoying, but at least it doesn’t take over my desk anymore. Someday I’d like to have my own studio/office space with a spot for a more permanent photo setup. We’ll see what happens in another five years!

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When I first got into Breyers I really, really wanted the Traditional Spirit and Rain models. I did have one of the Walmart sets which were very loved. They were the leaders of the Walmart Mustang Carpet Herd. (it was full of drama)

I remember getting SO excited to see both Traditionals available in a local tack shop, for a whopping $35 a piece. I was going to save up and buy them both, but I’m not sure why I never did? I think I got distracted with the more realistic non-eyebrowed models, as well as discovering the hobby in general.

Spirit was generously PIF’d/gifted to me several years later:

I’ve been trying to find a Rain for a reasonable price ever since. (yes I have kicked myself for never buying them in the tack shop) The prices on both these horses, in any condition, have skyrocketed. I think it’s calmed down some now, but NIB horses are still reaching around $100 a piece.

Patience pays off though – a minty-ish one came up for sale with a BIN price I was willing to pay. Childhood grail achieved!!

Spirit is no longer forever alone. ❤ I thought I would try something different and put these edited photos together for fun.

My animation-loving heart still adores the movie and it’s soundtrack. ❤ (it's Hans Zimmer what's not to like about it?!)

14 year old me is very happy too. 😀

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