I lied.

So… there is no hot pink or leopard print in this project. There’s still sparkly white fabric though! (and black, which was from the leopard print, mind you)

I’m attempting to make a Hollywood style arabian costume. I’m surprised these aren’t more popular in the model horse world. From what I’ve gathered, you’re more likely to see a Hollywood costume over the Native Bedouin ones in the show ring. So why is it opposite in the model horse world?


I’ve been looking through all sorts of photos and have come to the conclusion that these costumes are full of “bling” and are made with lots of shiny or bright colored material. They also seem to be worn underneath a regular English saddle, which is covered by the rider’s matching robe. (or a seat cover of some sort)

I decided to try that with my costume. It works, for the most part, but my english saddle is very fraglie thanks to the materials/methods I used in making it. So I suppose I need to update that soon, or make a new saddle altogether.

I can’t say I’m thrilled with how this is coming along. It’s been frustrating me from the beginning. 😦 I hate it when that happens!


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