Thursday Ramblings

I finished up a halter order today. The customer wanted one that would fit easily over a bridle:

Done! Hopefully this will work for her! It reminded me that I really need to make a new english bridle though. I have a few of them and each one has something terribly wrong with it.

(pardon the dropped bit…)

This bridle is very plain and simple. The buckles were made with thin wire so it’s not very strong at all. But new bridles are projects for another day. Now I’ve got to focus my attention on this darned arabian costume.

Since I last posted, I’ve added a grand total of seven tassels to it.

As much as I would like to put it away and never deal with it again, I also want to push myself to just finish it, and see what happens. Who knows, I may end up really happy with it.

Decorating should be fun though. I ordered a load of tiny rhinestones recently, as the ones I wanted to use (stuck to the pink fabric I mentioned) turned out to be unusable.


That’s all for now…!


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