Feeling Uninspired


I’ve been feeling very “blahhhh” lately, and very uninspired to do anything horsey-related, unless that’s to “rescue” more horses for the ever-growing herd.

My sister thinks I would be one of those people who’s addicted to buying real horses. You know the sort… they have three or four already but soon they’re bringing in another… 🙂 Well! In a way I suppose she’s right, except my horses aren’t actually living, seeing as they’re plastic and all.

Anyway… this is “Southern Belle,” a spotted draft mare:

And a fleabitten grey PAM, who doesn’t have a name just yet:

She was a complete spur-of-the-moment sort of horse… but I’m happy I got her. I’ve wanted a PAM for years now… 😀

Yes. Lame post is lame.

BUT, I’m still around, in case any of you thought I disappeared or something. Work’s keeping me busy, people are stressing me out, and I’ve realized that summers just aren’t going to be as fun as they used to be. Or something, I don’t know.

I suppose it’s all on how you look at it.


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