Saddle Update

I want to say it’s finished but still feel that there are a bunch of little things I need to add or fix first. Still, it’s the first saddle I’ve made in a few years, and the first I’ve made without using a Rio Rondo kit. (wait, that’s a lie… I used the pattern to cut the pieces…)

Hm. I’m pretty happy with it though.

It’s certainly nothing close to being called “lsq” but whatever, I am learning still. It’s also in need of a cinch, two of them, actually. I’d like to get one of those string cinches I see for sale every now and then, and I’ll probably make the rear cinch out of leftover leather myself.  The saddle pad was cut from an old fuzzy sock that had a hole in the bottom of it. 😀

It also goes well with the cardboard-bit bridle I made last year too. 🙂 I’ll have to get good pictures of the set together one of these days…

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