Updates and Nonsense…

Just wanted to post that I’ve added a bunch of horses to MH$P today. (see For Sale page for the link!) Most of the horses are on less then popular Classic molds and have flaws from their days of running free across the carpet. (which explains their dirt cheap prices)

Honestly I just want them to go to a home where they won’t be boxed up in someone’s closet for all eternity. If they don’t sell I’ll probably end up giving them away or have a go at customizing them.

I’ve been really wanting to customize lately. I ordered some Gapoxio to mess with today… I think my Duchess will be my first victim. Oh the horror!

Aside from that, I’m in the process of updating my Custom Halter thing… I’ve got new colors (with more on the way!) and a couple new options I’d like to add. I’ve been doing this for what? A year and a half now or something? I don’t know. But I do know that it’s in need of an update of sorts. So stay tuned for that.

And non-pony related, look what I made!

I saw strings of lights like this in Thailand, and really, really wanted one, but couldn’t because I didn’t have enough room in my bag. (or baht for that matter) Ever since then I’ve wanted to try making my own. Basically they’re fake flowers stuck on lights… so exciting right? But I love the way they look when they’re lit up!

Anyway, I went into Joann’s randomly the other day, only to discover that all their spring/summer flowers were 70% off.  So a few bunches came home with me at a couple bucks a piece, which I pulled apart and stuck on a string of white christmas lights. 🙂

They’re so hard to capture on camera but I really love them. ^_^


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