Camel Tack

Well, I was doing well with weekly blogging! Life has been good but it’s also been busy. I managed to hurt my right hand again (it’s always something with me πŸ™„) so apart from necessary work, I’ve been trying to take it easy. Rest has helped, and I’m hoping to ease back into tack making soon.

In the meantime, I’ve added another page under my “Hobby Resources” tab up top. It’s a collection of links to old posts featuring real horses for now. I’m always trying to add or improve things on this site, so I’m open to suggestions! (if anyone cares, haha πŸ˜…)

Since I haven’t been creating, I don’t have much to blog about. Today I thought I would share some camel photos I took in Israel a few months ago. I know it’s not horse-related (though I did see some, including two pretty Arabians randomly being ridden up a street in Jerusalem) but occasionally I see camels in the hobby so… why not?

This one (zoomed in and taken from the back of a moving bus… I’m surprised it came out at all!) was outside of a Bedouin camp. (side note, there was such an interesting mix of the past and present in so many places I saw)

Aside from that, the majority of the camels I came across were saddled up for tourism.

They’re funny creatures, that’s for sure! 😊

7 thoughts on “Camel Tack

  1. This is very interesting — and different! Much appreciated, from someone who reads widely.


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