Rapunzel’s Blanket

I wanted to make this horse a blanket similar to the pink one I made for the Welsh pony. Teal seemed like a fitting color!

The print isn’t quite what I originally wanted… but I have so much fabric on hand that I’d rather not go out and buy more. (well of course I want more but you know…)

It was made using pieces from my scrap box of fabric instead. Most of this print I used while stress-sewing pony pouches, 😅 but I had one little piece left that was just the right size.

She needed a halter to match, of course.

Not the most exciting post but I needed an easy project this week. 😊

7 thoughts on “Rapunzel’s Blanket

  1. Your sewing work is always top notch, but I don’t know of anyone who can do bias tape as beautifully as you do! (And I know how tricky it can sometimes be.) Wow!

  2. Your blankets look amazing. Do you happen to have a pattern for them that you would like to sell? My granddaughter is wanting me to make her some blankets for her pony collection. Thank you, Kim Mitchell


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