Completed Turnout

I got the turnout blanket finished this week! This was inspired by a similar Rambo turnout.

The front closes with a velcro strap and two hooks:

Without the hood:

And on a standing model:

I have to adjust a few things, but I’d like to make more in different color combinations later on.

Personal piece, not for sale.

10 thoughts on “Completed Turnout

  1. I ADORE it. You are incredible at those! I think a Purple and Teal one would be breathtaking.

  2. You always manage to experiment with something new. I’ve never before seen a blanket with three parallel straps under the barrel. Yet it scales right. Oh wow,…

      1. Hi, I was thinking more similar to the ones that you’ve already made. Maybe feed labels or something like that. I recently made the washing supplies with the labels and that came out perfectly. So I was hoping that you might do some more.

      2. Can I just pop a post on this thread here? I’d LOVE a mini Breyer box printable, or some horse themed gift boxes/bags!

  3. Where do you get those buckles?!? I’m just using lobster clasps for my blankets and they’re working ok, but I love realism! You do such an incredible job with everything!!!!!


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