Patterned Bell Boots

Recently I made a few more patterns for custom fabric, and thought it would be possible to shrink them down for bell boots. I’m really happy that it worked!


The boots have been in pieces all week, and I literally had to force myself to sit down and finish them today. I’ve been so distracted with other things and ideas and…

Anyway, here they all are:


Pink Leopard and Leopard:


Zebra and tie-dye:


Green and pink camo:


Rainbow stars and blue/white stars:


And flames!


I’ve been wanting to make a flame pattern for a while now so I’m happy this one worked ok. I’m definitely planning on getting the new patterns printed for saddle pads, because I have a thing for matchy-matchy sets on horses. XD

For example…



I still haven’t made this poor pad wear leathers, aghhhh


These particular boots are not for sale as they were tests, but I’m happy with them so I’ll be making more in the future.


SMB by Rachel Fail

25 thoughts on “Patterned Bell Boots

    1. No, but I’d like to make one. 🙂 The models I used are Breyer’s Roxy and Cedric (on the Show Jumping Warmblood mold)

    1. I *think* it’s the “Misty Look” theme, but it’s old and possibly not available anymore. I remember there being an updated version a few years back, but I never switched.

    1. I have very little experience with painting so I’m afraid I don’t know what to recommend! A lot of people start out with acrylics as they have a faster drying time than oils, but I think it comes down to personal preference and experimenting with different mediums. 🙂

  1. Would you ever make a tutorial on these i would love to make them. Not to sale or anything just for my personal use and enjoyment. 😊

    1. No promises on a tutorial, but I’ll keep it in mind! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions though 🙂


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