Third Time’s a Charm

This week I finished up a Bronc style halter to fit Stein:

He’s… not a tack friendly model, so the halter is held in place with sticky wax.

I had to make the noseband three times before I was happy with it. I used a sample of some goat tooling leather Rio Rondo sent with an order. It has a larger grain, but it worked out nicely.

The basketweave pattern was made with a micro basketweave tool I purchased from ToolPaw forever ago. This took a few tries to get right and is why I kept messing up. 😅

I was going to add a line of metal studs along the top and bottom but decided against it. I don’t have anything small enough in my stash anyway!

I think it suits him though, and it’s always nice to get some more tooling practice in.

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