Arctic Grandeur

The 2021 holiday horse, Arctic Grandeur, arrived this week.

I’ve been eagerly waiting to see him in person. It’s exciting to see everything – the horse, fox and costume – all together!

Just like with Yuletide Greetings, Breyer asked me to create the prototype for his costume. The design is Breyer’s… what I did was create a 3D version based on their artwork.

For some reason this one was really challenging, but I think it came together well in the end.

The bridle is different (imo for the better) and a second strap was added at the back, probably to help keep the costume from sliding around with the weight of the fox.

The red pattern on the fabric is mine, however. I had no luck finding anything even similar to use for the prototype, so I whipped up a seamless pattern in photoshop and printed it on fabric myself. They ended up using the pattern in the end, and had it printed on velvet. ❤

Here are some close ups of the fox! He’s a shimmery, pearly white.

The costume is all one piece and can be easily removed from the horse. The chains on the bridle are tacked in place, but those threads can be cut if you wanted two separate pieces.

The underside of the costume is white satin. Mine has a pink tint to it, which makes me wonder if the velvet is bleeding dye. It might be something to keep an eye on if you plan on keeping your horse in costume year round.

Underneath the costume, the horse is a pearly grey.

I think he came out beautifully. Thank you Breyer, for letting me have a part in his creation! ❤

5 thoughts on “Arctic Grandeur

  1. Anyone can see the thought and detail and colours (pearly gray, red and white) you have pulled together are awesome. Amazing job! Merry Christmas 🎅

  2. Thank you for share with so much generosity your skills and true Art, Nichelle!!
    I have learned basically what I know with you,and RR, about tiny tack.

    I would like to share some pictures of the tiny saddles I have in progress, but dunno’ how.

    GOD Bless you today and always!


  3. I hadn’t known how involved you were with this beautiful piece! Congratulations — it’s a real collector’s item. If only I could conga every horse that’s lovely!

  4. As much as I need to downsize my collection and stop buying, this beautiful horse is an absolute must have!


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