Target Sled

I picked up this little sled from Target earlier this week. (they also had a sleigh that miiight work for Schleich/CollectA sized horses)

I’m always on the lookout for 1:9ish scale pieces for my collection, and thought this would work ok.

It’s cute as is, but I wanted to try customizing it. It was only held together with screws so it came apart pretty easily.

After sanding the wood pieces, I gave them a couple coats of paint and some matte varnish.

Once that was dry, I screwed it back together and added a new cord. Here’s how it’s looking now. Not bad for a $3 ornament!

Off for a test run!

My dolls have no cold weather gear… I should fix that. 🥶

3 thoughts on “Target Sled

  1. A lucky find. But I think the sled is lucky too: It found an owner who brought out its real self, its true spirit — or at least a very good version thereof!


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