Etsy Sales Preview: Pet Miniatures

This Saturday, November 21st, I’ll be listing a few sets of dog and cat themed miniatures. The listings will be posted to Etsy at 11 am Mountain Time. The shop can be found here:
Sold first come, first served. I will not accept any holds or pre-sales.

There are five cat sets available. Each one comes with a scratching post, cube bed, a mouse, fish and feather toy, and a bag of treats. These are priced at $25 each.

Hot Pink:





I also have five dog sets. These include a pet bed, dog collar and leash, a treat box, and an assortment of toys. The collars were built on Breyer’s Labrador mold. They are slightly adjustable but fit the bigger dogs best. These sets are also priced at $25 each.

Red plaid/blue:

Tan plaid/green:



Purple/hot pink:

I ship USPS First Class, but please keep in mind that shipping times may be delayed because of current events.

Current shipping costs
USA: $4.00
Canada: $12.00
Australia: $17.00
Everywhere Else: $14.00

Thanks for looking!

9 thoughts on “Etsy Sales Preview: Pet Miniatures

  1. I am glad to see the old fashioned collar and leash. Newfangled pet harnesses mystify me: They often look like the dog has to pull from between the forelegs.

  2. Kinda off topic, but could you please do a tutorial on your ribbon halters and how to put bias tape on your blankets? I have a herd of 40+ Breyer Classics and want to make halters and matching blankets for them.


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