The Pink Wheelbarrow

I’ve wanted a wheelbarrow for my mini stable for years. Years and years and years. I’ve always thought that Breyer’s was more Classic scaled than Traditional, and while Enterprise Props has a nice one it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

Last week I stumbled across this accessory set by the “Our Generation” doll line. It’s a cute gardening set for 18″ dolls with a… really out of scale wheelbarrow?

set is called “Way to Grow” for those curious 🙂

I lucked out and found an eBay seller who was just selling the wheelbarrow. It arrived a few days ago.

I think it works?

I couldn’t leave it pink, so I masked off the wheel and handles…

… and gave it a new paint job.

Now I finally have a 1:9ish scale wheelbarrow.

1:9 is such an odd scale so it’s always exciting to find pieces that work with it. For me anyway, but I’m just weird like that.

8 thoughts on “The Pink Wheelbarrow

    1. Thanks! It’s one of Krylon’s “Short Cuts” spray paints. The silver is alcohol ink. I’m not sure if it was the best choice as far as paint goes, but so far so good?

  1. I just stumbled across your blog whilst doing my own frustrating search for a 1:9 scale wheelbarrow. It’s nice to know there is one out there, so I’ll keep looking Great paint job!


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