New year, new blankets

I hope 2017 is off to a good start for everyone. I’ve challenged myself to participate in the 365 Project this year, so I’ve been taking a lot of pictures, which is never a bad thing!

I’ve also completed two new horse blankets. First was one for the giveaway prize – the winner loved the blue/green combination and wanted it to fit the Stone Arabian.

I never realized just how flat his back was until trying to fit a blanket to him, haha! But I think it came out fitting well.


The second is yet another quilted blanket, in bright blue and red.


This one will be available as a sales piece sometime in the future. I have a black/hot pink one in the works and really want to use some plaids I have on hand… so there will be others, hopefully, as well!

5 thoughts on “New year, new blankets

  1. Wow! All of your work is wonderful and very inspirational! My 5 yr old is a rider and doesn’t like when the toys aren’t realistic! I’m going to try and make kid friendly realistic model horse accessories. Keep posting this awesome stuff!


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