It’s Breyerfest Time!

And once again… I’m not going. Instead, I’ll be reading blogs and lurking on forums and Facebook, looking for photos and all the excited posts over the surprise model, as I do every year.


Someday I will get to Breyerfest. I don’t do crowds and heat (both = grouchy Nichelle) BUT, because it’s Breyerfest, I’d like to put my annoyances aside and experience it just once!

I did shrink the program again this year. I also included some tickets and the buttons, as well as a shopping bag:



So, if you’re headed to Breyerfest this week to meet up with friends…


Shop the CHIN and NPOD…


Meet your favorite guest horses…


Or try to win a ribbon at the live show…


… have fun! Because honestly, that’s what it’s about. 🙂

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