Starfleet Saddle Pads

I’ve had a stack of in-progress saddle pads by my desk for a while now.


Like the Potter-themed pads, they’re all going to be fantasy/sci-fi/etc related, because I am a nerd, and apparently need to have dozens of english saddle pads. (I have uh… 1 semi-decent english saddle, haha!)

I had the chance to tackle the first lot, which was inspired by Star Trek.


I used metallic thread to embroider the teeny emblems… that stuff is a pain to work with!


But I’m still happy enough with them. Geordie LaFjord had to try one on, of course:


And here’s one with a saddle:


This particular set isn’t for sale, but I am hoping to make a few batches to list sometime in the future. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Starfleet Saddle Pads

  1. Do you make the bias tape on the pads or buy it? Want to know because that is pretty high up on the project list.

      1. Thanks!It seems to be expensive and in limited colors where I live so that will have to be my solution.


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