Irish Draught

Woodbridge wasn’t the only chestnut to arrive recently. This is the Irish Draught from Breyer’s “Best of British” series. He’s an Irish breed, and since it’s St. Patrick’s day, it seemed fitting to share his pictures today. 🙂


This is actually the second Cleveland Bay model I’ve owned. I bought the original CB when he was released, but he had a warped hind leg which caused him to lean to the side instead of stand up straight. I think it’s expected for horses in this particular pose to have some sort of lean (without a base or peg, anyway) but in my horse’s case it was really bad, haha. He always looked like he was about to fall over! I ended up selling him because it annoyed me so much.

I love the mold though, so I wanted to add another to the herd eventually. I’m happy I decided to go with this one.



I like how Breyer has been detailing eyes lately




And hooray  – no leaning!



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