Valentine Halter Plates

Here’s another set of halter plates I’ve created for you all. There are seven different patterns for Valentine’s day, if you would like to make your horses some pretty new halters. ❤

The strips are about 1/8″ wide and were made with Traditional sized halters in mind.

I usually trim off the border and glue them to my halters with Aleene’s Tacky Glue. My favorite finish is Americana’s “Triple Thick” gloss glaze, but they can be left as is too.

Download Halter Sheets Here

I hope you enjoy them!

Don’t know how to make a halter? Several tutorials can be found here on YouTube!
I buy 1/8″ ribbon from craft stores or the Hairbow Center, and hardware can be found at Rio Rondo or made from wire and jump rings.

7 thoughts on “Valentine Halter Plates

    1. Hey, in the print dialog, there should be a box that allows you to select color or black and white for printing. Let me know if that works for you!


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