Ribbons and Bows

I have been completely scatterbrained lately. I can’t focus on anything I have in the works. Whenever I get to work it’s not long before I’m completely distracted with something else. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

For example, this weekend has been all about draft horse ribbons and showing. An in-hand set for my Woodbridge is on the never-ending list of things to do, and I thought I’d get started on that by making some ribbons, (called flights) for his mane.


Right now they’re held in place with sticky wax. I really like the idea of having removable ribbons – they’re less likely to break off and I can change colors. But the sticky wax is a bit unattractive and they’re fiddly to put on.


Happy with those, today I thought I would try another style for Shires. (just ignore the mare… she’s pretending she’s a Shire stallion, shhhhh)


They turned out… ok. Attaching the flights to the “wool” braid was difficult and frustrating, so they’re all uneven and not standing up straight and pretty and ARGH. I’ll have to approach how I put those together differently.

I am pleased with how the braid blends into the ribbons though. That was a PAIN but I forced it to cooperate with me.


I suppose it’s kind of silly to bother with these at all, as they’re not really suitable for most OF draft horses. For customs, yes, why not… but no! I can’t start getting those kinds of ideas right now, I have enough in the works as it is! šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Ribbons and Bows

  1. I cannot even begin to imagine how fiddly those ribbons must have been… I’d probably have gotten frustrated and set the ribbons on fire. Well done to you for sticking with it! It is worth it! šŸ™‚


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