A New Frontier

It’s taken me 12 years, but I’ve finally added an artist resin to my herd of plastic. This is Geordi LaFjord, sculpted by Rayvin Brewer of Khrysalis Studios

He was super-tempting and it didn’t take long for me to cave in. Come on, he’s a Fjord! And super-performance friendly! And it didn’t help that his name was inspired by a Star Trek character… I am a trekkie and love it when my geeky interests are combined. What can I say? Resistance was futile. XDGeordi_02

He is fantastic in person. I’ve been enjoying getting some “artsy” photos of him.Geordi_05

I really, really like the look of blank resins. I don’t know why. Is that bad? Cause I can totally see myself collecting a bunch of nekkid horses to photograph now…Geordi_04

He will be painted eventually (need to do more saving, whee!) but I’m still searching for the right artist. I’ve got his color in mind, though.Geordi_03Till then, I’ll enjoy him just as he is!

12 thoughts on “A New Frontier

  1. He’s lovely, congratulations! I look forward to seeing him in tack. I agree that white resins can be quite lovely… I think a lot of people have a nekkid horse stash 🙂 Is he balanced on two legs or does he have some sort of base?


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