A Mix of Things

Every January, I get into an “organize-all-the-things!” state of mind. This mostly involves purging cardboard boxes and papers I think I need to hold on to but really don’t. (if I would just toss things as I get them this wouldn’t be a problem)

In addition to that, this year I randomly decided to move my workspace to the larger part of my desk. Why it’s taken me so long to figure this out I’ll never know. Now I’ve got all this SPACE. Everything is in my reach and I can actually fit my legs under the desk and my lamp is much more practical and and and and…!

The bulletin board behind it is a cluttered mess of course, but it’s full of memories and things that make me happy so whatever. 😀

Yes, that’s a Spongebob piggy bank… XD

I’ve been feeling really productive lately and having this “new” workspace only adds to that. These past couple weeks I’ve been working on a bunch of things, from finishing up some saddlepads…


(maybe I’m going a bit overboard but I still want to make more… *sigh*)

Colorfulpads… to getting some more blanket practice in. I’ve adjusted the pattern for different sized models… or rather, “pony,” “foal” and “draft” sizes…. which should fit a bunch of horses and those weird ones in-between. Hopefully.

The “pony” or small size fits Justadream all right, but also fits Henry the Fjord and the Marwari. It won’t fit pony-sized horses like Flash because of his mane… in fact, most horses with flowing manes of plastic look strange in blankets. XD

PonyBlanketThe foal blanket seems to fit most foals except really little ones, like Stormy and LeFire. I’ve also discovered that sewing rounded corners is a lot easier than the square ones.



The draft sized one ended up in the reject pile, once I discovered my thread wasn’t actually catching the fabric in multiple places. Argh!! It was a test of some new methods that didn’t work out as well, so I guess that’s some good that’s come from it.

However, the fit was ok, even though I don’t have photo evidence of that. 😀

BlanketRejectAnd today, I put together a couple of halters with tongue buckles and rolled throatlatches. I did get this idea from Horse Tender Studios… it’s something I’ve wanted to try but never actually did till now. 🙂


I’m experimenting with a different glue (Fabri-Tac for those curious) which I’m hoping is water-proof and a bit stronger than the Aleene’s I’ve been using forever.


So far, the glue is much easier to work with when it comes to gluing ribbon together. I don’t even have to clamp the pieces together while they dry, which is NICE.



Hopefully it will hold up well!

Also, remember that entries for the giveway close this Saturday, at 11:59 pm. I’m really surprised at the response… thank you all for your sweet comments!

10 thoughts on “A Mix of Things

  1. I love love love the blue saddle pad! The halters are amazing as well! I just finished my first rio rondo saddle and it seems like all the horses are fighting for it. I think my mule is going to keep it tough. Haha.

  2. Awh 🙂 everything looks amazing! I envy you and your work and the hardware looks brilliant! Your gonna have to start selling those 😉 haha I melted when I saw that foalie rug! I remember my first attempt didn’t quit go that well haha! Loving those rolled throat latches they look fab!
    You should be really proud ^_^

  3. Everything looks great! I love your saddlepads and those halters look really cool too. You must be using heavier ribbon than I did, I like it. The ribbon I had on hand when I randomly decided to make my first halter was really flimsy. Even after doing 2-3 layers of it, the finished product still kinda seems like a lightweight halter. Your blankets look way better than anything I had ever made. I used to cobble something together out of felt and Velcro back in the day – yikes! haha Keep up the good work and thanks for the link to my blog! 😀


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