Time for Tassels

Tying tassels is one of those things I dread doing but enjoy once I get into it. Once I zone out the entire process goes by pretty quickly, which is good because there really isn’t a quick way to make these things.

I start by making an assembly-line of sorts. First, each tassel is cut and tied in half:

GreenCostume09When I have a decent sized pile (I think I had around 30-something in this batch) I’ll start wrapping them. I sometimes work in small batches of ten or twelve at a time to keep things more interesting.

Once they are all wrapped…

GreenCostume08… and trimmed…


… it’s time to add beads.

GreenCostume06Then, one by one they are sewn on.


Finished! With a few extra tassels to spare. (always a good thing!)


And it only took 3 hours.

But like I said… once I zone out it goes by fast. And this helps too:


11 thoughts on “Time for Tassels

  1. Amazing! Going to try this ^-^
    But my question is
    How do you make the green part that’s around the neck?
    Thanks in advance ^-^

  2. Music or soft noise allways helps! I literally CANNOT make anything without listening to something in the backround. If I don’t, well…
    Lets just say it doesn’t go to smoothly! 😉


    1. I’ve found that I’m most productive when I listen to Classical/instrumental music. I’ve tried watching movies but that always ends up more distracting than anything else! XD

  3. Are you making a costume or just a presentation set?
    It looks great! I’m just about to start making a costume. When I find the right coloured Turkish dolls rugs though >_>

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