30 Horses

I wish I made more time for drawing or painting. It’s something I like doing once I get into it, but half of the time I’m discouraged before I even begin. Having to take a drawing class at school helped break me out of that “You suck, don’t even try” mentality, but every so often it likes to bother me again. No, I don’t “suck” but I have lots to learn. And that vast space of things-left-to-learn (neverending, really) can be really intimidating.

A while back I realized I was tired of not doing anything about that and decided to start pushing myself more. That whole… practice makes perfect thing, you know? I set up some rules: One drawing every day. Don’t spend forever on it. Any medium, any style. FINISH it, even if it’s bad in the end.

I figured that if I kept that up for a month, I would begin to see my drawing skills improve. I chose horses as my subject (surprise!) to rid me of the “whatamIgonnadraw” problem.

It started off ok. My first was a grey Arab, drawn mostly in chalk and Conté crayons.

Drawing_ArabHeadNext day, a graphite portrait, but facing the other direction.


Then I thought I would be brave and try drawing the entire body of a horse…


A zebra managed to make it into the mix…


… but then school got in the way. I lost my focus on the 30 horses, but I did continue working on other drawings, most of which are still… unfinished. (sigh)

Perhaps the project WAS biting off more than I could chew. However, it was nice to spend and hour or so completely focused on nothing but drawing. In a way it was relaxing.

I kind of want to try it again.

14 thoughts on “30 Horses

  1. You are GOOD! I would continue with the “30” project. You really do have talent for drawing and I absolutely love your props and saddles nd halters. You have a real gift as a miniaturist!

  2. Drawing has always been one of my favorites, but like you, school is in the way! I think this is a really awesome idea to keep drawing more often – I hope you don’t mind if I steal it!

  3. I always have had a love for drawing but I tend to get stuck with artblock for long periods of time with only short active drawing periods, really like that 30 horse concept, I think I’m gonna try it the nest time I get an artblock. 🙂

    1. Definitely give it a try! It was fun before I got all distracted, haha. I wanted to choose different subjects for another challenge too, like different animals or people. Maybe someday. XD

  4. i say give it another shot! if the 30 horses concept doesn’t work, maybe once a week will? like, saturday sketches, or something like that?

  5. Really like the idea, voting for Emmas suggestion as a compromise! 🙂
    Loved the first drawing with darker background and the grey arab, it is lovely!
    Sometimes it is better to convey a feeling than something that is “perfect”!

  6. You are one of the best drawers ever! Anytime I draw a horse it looks like… Let’s just say i practically burn all of my drawings!


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