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30 Horses

I wish I made more time for drawing or painting. It’s something I like doing once I get into it, but half of the time I’m discouraged before I even begin. Having to take a drawing class at school helped break me out of that “You suck, don’t even try” mentality, but every so often it likes to bother me again. No, I don’t “suck” but I have lots to learn. And that vast space of things-left-to-learn (neverending, really) can be really intimidating.

A while back I realized I was tired of not doing anything about that and decided to start pushing myself more. That whole… practice makes perfect thing, you know? I set up some rules: One drawing every day. Don’t spend forever on it. Any medium, any style. FINISH it, even if it’s bad in the end.

I figured that if I kept that up for a month, I would begin to see my drawing skills improve. I chose horses as my subject (surprise!) to rid me of the “whatamIgonnadraw” problem.

It started off ok. My first was a grey Arab, drawn mostly in chalk and Conté crayons.

Drawing_ArabHeadNext day, a graphite portrait, but facing the other direction.


Then I thought I would be brave and try drawing the entire body of a horse…


A zebra managed to make it into the mix…


… but then school got in the way. I lost my focus on the 30 horses, but I did continue working on other drawings, most of which are still… unfinished. (sigh)

Perhaps the project WAS biting off more than I could chew. However, it was nice to spend and hour or so completely focused on nothing but drawing. In a way it was relaxing.

I kind of want to try it again.

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Drawings by Neil

Generally, my family is very supportive of my madness hobby. Then again, they’ve always been supportive of everything I’ve gotten myself into.

When it comes to hobbies, model horses aren’t very well-known. It’s a bit of a small hobby isn’t it? And probably kind of weird, depending on how you look at it. So, having people in my life who support it is encouraging.

My youngest brother, Neil, is fascinated with the things I make for my horses. He was really interested in the barn I was building a couple years back, and was always coming up with ideas for things to add to it. He’s also suggested names for my horses and asks if I’ve gotten a new one whenever there’s an empty box in my room. (Caught! Dang!) He ended up drawing me a few pictures of horses too:

My favorites are these two, which I found hidden with a bunch of papers recently:

“I’m feeding Buttons sugar cubes”

“Ow!” “Buttons! You bit me!”

That’s why you feed horses with a flat hand, Mr. Rancher Dude. (or Amish dude… he looks Amish, doesn’t he? Ha!)

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Happy Halloween!

Hope you all have had a fun/safe Halloween! Here- have a picture of Jack and Sally I finished up today. I started this a few years back but never got around to completing it… well, until today anyway. My drawing skills are very rusty and the shading and highlights are probably all wrong but who cares! It’s done and I’m happy with it, for the most part anyway. 😉

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