Summer Cookout

The mini food craze continues..! But this time, it’s teeny burgers and hot dogs. It’s summer, why not?



The plates were cut from the bottom of Dixie cups. (bathroom sized, not the larger ones) Trimming them down left me with a 1:9-ish scale plate.


The soda cans were sculpted from clay, then brushed with a layer of silver paint.


I need some more practice, but everything seemed to turn out all right.



There was no way I was going to sculpt potato chips, so I ended up making them out of paper. I used pastels to color the paper before using a hole punch to cut them all out. So much easier!bbq_chips01

bbq_chips02I’m not sure what I’ll do with them exactly… but it’s fun! XD

6 thoughts on “Summer Cookout

  1. Love the mini food. I have a picnic table, too, but also no food. I keep meaning to dig some of my miniatures out and see what I can use for traditional size horses,

  2. Love them! I need to try making mini food! It looks rather simple and the results are awesome! Yours are very nice, the burgers look very realistic, as does everything else!


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