Mini Guitar

So. I bought a 1/8 scale guitar off of ebay a few weeks back. I’ve been trying to avoid ebay and it’s not working. BUT LOOK! It’s so tiny! And I love it! I don’t need it but who cares!

Guitar_01I’m suprised at how detailed it is for being so small.


It’s even got a tiny button on the bottom to attach a strap. (which I made from ribbon and scrap leather)

Guitar_03Silly, but it makes me happy. 😀 Here it is on my my sister’s real guitar. (which I haven’t actually learned how to play… uhhhh…)

Guitar_04I think I need a social life. o_o

6 thoughts on “Mini Guitar

  1. Oh my goodness. Looks exactly like my guitar. I’ve been trying to stop myself from buying miniatures…but this one is tempting So pretty!


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