Well. I guess I failed at blogging this month.

This is partly due to life-issues, but it’s also because I’ve had little motivation to work on anything or try to keep up with posting every week. Part of me feels bad about that, because I had a nice post-every-week routine going… but honestly? Sometimes it’s good to step away from something for a bit, especially if it’s frustrating or annoying you. That way you can come back feeling re-freshed.

Or something like that. It works with math problems, anyway.

Yesterday I did manage to put together a western bridle for my Adios. I got another roll of lace in the mail and had to put it to use right away.

AdiosBridle3It’s not particularly interesting but I am pleased with it. I’m starting to get the hang of round braiding without having to check a tutorial a dozen times… hooray!

But that’s it for this month. Unless you count all the halters and saddlepads I’ve been sticking on ebay.

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