Spring break starts now

I enjoy my classes and projects, but it’s still nice to have a week-long break from it all. I’m doing my best to get most of my projects finished this weekend, so I don’t stress about getting them done next week, or procrastinate till the last minute like usual.

I have a Photoshop assignment to create an “epic and realistic” movie poster. I doubt mine can be called epic and realistic, but I’m having fun with it anyway. I managed to sneak a horse in it too:


It’s a work in progress. I have to go back and polish up all the layers, adding detail, fiddling with lighting, cleaning up pixels, and so on. The whole thing is mostly blue-toned… ever notice how dark movie posters nowadays are? Seems like blue, black, red and orange are the only colors used, even for movies that aren’t really “dark,” so to speak.

In between school stuff, I got these made up for an order:


So yes. That’s what I’ve been up to. I’m hoping to work on some tack this week, maybe get another batch of halters up on ebay… I dunno.
Hope you all have a great Easter!

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