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I enjoy my classes and projects, but it’s still nice to have a week-long break from it all. I’m doing my best to get most of my projects finished this weekend, so I don’t stress about getting them done next week, or procrastinate till the last minute like usual.

I have a Photoshop assignment to create an “epic and realistic” movie poster. I doubt mine can be called epic and realistic, but I’m having fun with it anyway. I managed to sneak a horse in it too:


It’s a work in progress. I have to go back and polish up all the layers, adding detail, fiddling with lighting, cleaning up pixels, and so on. The whole thing is mostly blue-toned… ever notice how dark movie posters nowadays are? Seems like blue, black, red and orange are the only colors used, even for movies that aren’t really “dark,” so to speak.

In between school stuff, I got these made up for an order:


So yes. That’s what I’ve been up to. I’m hoping to work on some tack this week, maybe get another batch of halters up on ebay… I dunno.
Hope you all have a great Easter!

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I told you I was going to start slacking.
Well, with posting here anyway, cause if I start slacking elsewhere I’ll be in trouble.

I’ve been feeling a bit drained when it comes to being creative. Most of my creative “energy” is going towards school projects. I recently finished up a calendar featuring vector fish:

One Fish

Two fish

… and am about to start another project on designing milk cartons, in addition to some other projects I’ve been working on right now. It’s keeping me busy but it’s all fun work so I don’t mind.

Like usual, I haven’t made much progress on any of my tack projects. I’m stuck on them, to be honest. I do have a nice halter order I’ve been working on though. I’ve made so many halters that I don’t have to think about them much while I’m making them… unlike saddles. 😉


Mostly I’ve been pre-occupied with Kitty, who had a tumor removed from her side earlier this week:

Cone of Shame

I’m not exactly the greatest nurse ever. And she’s angry at me for putting the cone back on her head. But sulking aside, she’s been doing pretty well.

Hopefully I’ll be feeling up to getting back in the swing of things soon.

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Just rambling again.

I’m still alive. Kind of sort of. I’ve been in another one of my anti-social moods where I don’t want to do much besides read and sleep.

I feel a bit bad about neglecting this blog though. I managed to decorate it for Halloween again (ehehe) but that’s about it. Some of my in-progress stuff is poked at every so often, but overall I’ve been feeling very “meh” about getting anything hobby-related done.

Ever get stuck in a rut where stuff you think you do for fun, starts to become a bit of a chore?

I blame school. 😀 It’s sucking up all of my creativity, but to be honest, I don’t really mind. My classes are fun for the most part, and my assignments are fun as well.

I spend the mornings messing about in Photoshop or Dreamweaver, and the afternoons shut away in a studio, drawing pictures of skulls, rocks, beat up milk cans and wood crates. I used to draw ALL the time, but stopped because it started to frustrate me too much. This class is kind of bringing that old love back, even though the frustration is still there. It fights me every step of the way. My teacher is awesome though, and I think I’m learning more from his class than the other ones, simply because it’s forcing me out of my comfort zone over and over and over again. Past experience has proven to me that when that happens, I learn and grow the most.

When I’m not trying to catch up on homework I’m working, or trying to keep up with piano practice, as there’s a Christmas recital I think I’m expected to perform in here soon… yikes!

So yes. Life is busy!

“Are you coming to bed or not?”

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