Helmet Woes

This is what happens to helmets when they’re stored in their box in a closet for a few years:

Uhm, ew? It’s YELLOW. And this, friends, is what happens when you slip on ice and use the yellow-helmet to break your fall:

Oh yeah. This helmet is totally safe! And just because I can’t get over the yellowness of it, here’s a shot of what it’s supposed to look like:


Last week I got to go on a trail ride before going in to work. It was great, left me feeling sore and more tired then usual… but it was completely worth it! I rode a little grumpy mare named Sunshine. (who I posted a pic of a while back) 🙂

Seeing as my helmet is cracked, I rode without one, which was probably unwise. (In fact, I know it is, having seen and been in horse-accidents that could’ve been worse if the rider hadn’t been wearing a helmet!)  While I don’t expect to be thrown by Sunshine, if I do end up riding her again before the snow comes, I know that horses are crazy unpredictable. I feel safer with a helmet then without. But I figure this helmet won’t do me much good anymore. It may still protect my head somewhat, but I don’t think I’m up for having bits of yellow plastic embedded into my skull, thanks.

I should probably invest in a new one then. *sigh* Any suggestions?

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