Every barn needs a barn cat, including cardboard barns. (preferably a cat that isn’t bigger then the barn itself.) For some reason I decided to go ahead and make a cat myself, since 1: you can’t find the Breyer cats anymore, and I don’t like them much anyway, and 2: Target was out of the Schleich kitties.

I hardly know anything about sculpting. But I know that it helps to start with a skeleton of sorts, which I fashioned out of wire and foil:

Then it was time to add the bits and pieces of clay, while wondering what posessed me to try sculpting a 1:9 scale cat instead of something well, easier. Like one of those clay pots or something. (look ma! Art!!)

I tried to smooth him out some, though you can’t really tell! Then Creepy Meow was off for some quiet time in the toaster oven. (at a comfy 275 degrees!)

I think we need to clean the toaster oven… 😛

Last but not least, Creepy needed some new clothes. My brother, who’s a cat fanatic, wanted me to paint him like a siamese while I was thinking something like what my own cat, Kitty, looks like. Eventually it was settled that the cat would be a calico.

He cleaned up a lot better then I thought he would, especially once I added some whiskers. (thank you Brenda Breyer, your hair is just lovely!) I don’t think the name Creepy Meow is suitable anymore. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Meow?

  1. Nichelle. that is some kitty for your first attempt. Looks great. Should you call him Cat’s Meow?

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