Looking back on 2021

Well. 2021 has been a weird year. 😐

You know, going into it I had this gut feeling that it was going to be different, and that ended up true. There were a lot of changes in my life this year, some big, some small. Even my job went through a lot of changes. Mostly, it’s all good, but there’s been a lot of new adjustment.

The hobby kind of took a backseat this year. It was both lack of time and bad hobby burnout, which I’m still struggling with today. I only managed to make a handful of new pieces and was more interested in downsizing my collection rather than adding to it. And even though I feel like I failed at blogging, this year’s stats are even higher than last year, making 2021 the best year to date for my blog. I don’t understand. 😆

Breyer kept me pretty busy though. I was honored to work on the costume prototype for the 2022 Holiday Horse, “Snowbird.” I loved Breyer’s design so much and tried my best to keep it as close to their artwork as possible. I had no idea what color the horse would be, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting his official photos. Troubadour looks great in grey! (and I’m really excited that the mold will be released in bay this year too!)

A smaller project was the reindeer hat + halter that was included in the “Holiday Pony Playset.” The entire set looks really cute. ❤

In summer I attended the Event at Rebecca Farm and a small Renaissance Faire, which was badly needed after a year of not going out and doing anything. It was hot and smoky and gross outside, but I had fun anyway.

I also attended BreyerFest virtually. Even with my hobby burnout I still enjoyed it, and I’m glad I decided to join in at the last minute.

My goals for 2021 were to create more for myself and downsize my collection. For once I actually managed that, and nearly 30 horses found new homes. (most were Stablemates 😅) I have some ideas on things I’d like to do in 2022, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m hoping I can get some sort of motivation/interest again.

A new year always feels like a fresh, new start, so perhaps that will help? If you’ve stuck with me through this year, thank you, I really appreciate your support.

Here’s hoping for a good 2022. ❤

9 thoughts on “Looking back on 2021

  1. Thank you for sticking with US! I love this blog, and am so excited when I see a new post. I love the costume, and the hat. I have the pony set, and I plan on getting Snowbird ASAP. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. Congratulations on achieving your goals. I’m happy if I achieve “most” or “some” of mine! Sorry to hear about the burnout but completely understand. Yes, a new year is a fresh start, and I’m glad you’re looking forward.

  3. Happy new year! This one has been crazy indeed! Nice that some ponies found new homes! (Stablemates are so easy to aquire you’re not even aware of them until you have like 20! That happened to me!)


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