Old Saddle

I’ve had this piece of scrap leather for a few years now. It’s wrinkled and worn, and when I first got it, it made me want to build an old western saddle, one that’s gotten a load of use over the years.

I started it a while back, but found it difficult and put it away for another time. Today I managed to find the inspiration to start working on it again.

It’s treeless, and the shoulder/horn area was one of those “mess with it till it looks right” sort of things. 😀 It still doesn’t look right.

Ugly and worn down it may be, I’m still a bit pleased with how it’s been coming along. I love trying to invent new ways to build my own tack without having to spend any extra money. 🙂 The result’s not always the nicest, but it’s a start.

That’s enough for today though. Time to clean up the mess (how can something so small cause so much CHAOS?!) and go to bed. Wheeee~


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