Playing with Fire


I discovered a while back that if you pierce a piece of ribbon with a hot needle you get a nice, sealed hole, perfect for tongue buckles.

I have too many ideas but not enough motivation/supplies to start anything new, so I’ve gone back to fixing up older things I made several years ago. This is for a bareback pad that needed some simple repairs on its cinch. I had attempted to make a tongue-buckled cinch but it never worked, as the holes were simply poked with a needle and “sealed” with glue. (oh Fraycheck I’m so glad I found you!)

But now, the cinch has a nice row of not-perfectly-straight-holes that finally serve their purpose and keep the pad tight on the horse.

It’s a shame I totally messed up the cinch when I first attached it though. Not only does it buckle on the wrong side but it’s upside down as well. And I can’t get the glue residue off either, dang it. >_<

But all in all, I am still pleased with this pad and hope to make another later on.

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