Progress is slow…

… and I have a very short attention span. It’s ridiculous how many projects I’ve got “in the works” right now. I can never focus on one thing at once. People who can are amazing.

My little brothers are completely fascinated with the cardboard barn I’m building. The youngest especially… then again, he pretty much idolizes me so anything I make is amazing to him, and more often then not, he’ll come up to my room with his own things he’s made, whether it’s for his GI Joes or something else. It’s rather sweet.

They’ve liked watching me put this barn together, asking me horsey-related questions that I’m happy to answer, even if they don’t understand or care about what I’m talking about. With my sister away in school, I don’t have anyone I can ramble about my horses with… honestly I don’t think anyone really gets it. I don’t get it either, sometimes, haha.

But yeah. It’s nice to have two goofy little brothers to talk to and show off my stuff to, even if it’s not perfect and pretty and well put together like some of the things I see other hobbyists come up with. They think it’s brilliant and they remind me, just by their curiosity, that this is all for fun.

And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that!

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