Old Friends

I’ve been going through a bunch of my stuff, attempting to clear out things that I don’t use/want/need anymore. Ugh! Fun, right?

I came across a bunch of toy horses that were being stored with the majority of my Classics. I can’t believe I still have so many of them! Some of the plastic ones will be donated, others given away to the neighborhood kids, but some are here to stay, as beaten up and crazy looking as they are. 😉

First is a Grand Champion my mom got for me when I was little. He’s missing all his original tack and I have no idea what I did to his eyes, (I ought to try and fix that as it’s a bit scary-looking…) but he still makes his galloping and whinnying sounds- a surprise, after all these years!

Then I have some little Grand Champions, which my sister and I played with A LOT. Obviously some are in worse shape then others! My favorite was always the white one with the black speckled legs.

And last but not least, some horses from the Littlest Pet Shop line. I loved those animals!

Fun memories! I had plenty of others but these are the ones that have survived after all this time. 🙂


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