First Attempt

Dang, I messed up my “post-every-two-days” thing I had going on… ah well. I haven’t been feeling well lately and I blame that. 😛

Since I’ve been in a sort of Arabian mood, I wanted to show you my first attempt at making an Arabian costume:

Made in 2004 or 2005, I believe? It’s missing it’s bridle. Imagine purple ribbon with a wire bit and purple floss reins. 😀 Really, it was nothing fancy… I wonder what happened to it?

I originally made this to fit my Marengo (Huck Bey mold) but I see that it also fits Aladdin very nice as well. I can’t remember where I got the inspiration for it… I believe I really wanted to make a Native Bedouin style costume but ended up with more of a Hollywood style due to lack of supplies/knowledge.

I was SO happy with it when I finished it too, and there are some things about it that I still like, like the color and the shape of the seat. I remember the tassels being an absolute pain to make, as I was making them by wrapping the floss around a piece of cardboard, tying on thread, cutting it and tying again to wrap it together. (that so did not make sense) I’ve since then learned a much easier way to make the little buggers!

All in all, I don’t think it’s all that bad for a first attempt. It’s very simple but with a few updates, it might pass as a Hollywood style costume after all. 🙂

Ah, I must go back to braiding and sewing then… I’ve got a second halter/collar set in the works. 😉

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