Buckets- how exciting!

Whenever I’m stuck with what to make tack-wise (or I’m just burned out on making tack altogether) I usually end up making props for my non-existant barn or for my crazy rider dolls.

I have a State Line Tack catalog I use for inspiration, and a while back, I decided that I was going to make some muck buckets. Exciting right?! I wasn’t about to fork over $20+ for Breyer’s stable cleaning set either… it looks great in the promo pictures but in person I don’t think it’s worth the money. (hah!)

So, that was one reason why I wanted to make them myself. Anyway, I was pretty pleased with the results:

They’re recycled Jello cups! When in school, my sister and I made a lot of crafts using recycled materials. (you should see the Christmas tree, LOL) So now it’s been programmed into my mind to look twice at everything before it gets tossed out. “Could I use this?” “This would make a GREAT such-and-such!” etc etc. With a little paint, Jello cups can be transformed into muck buckets, and the cups that come on liquid syrups and medicines can make great “other” buckets… for your plastic pony’s supplements or grain or something:

I dunno about you but I love my silly home-made props so much more then store-bought ones… even if they’re a bit rough around the edges. (and my wallet appreciates it too! As does the environment! XD)

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