Showmanship Halter


Western Showmanship halter made to fit Zippo Pine Bar… I’m pretty happy with how it turned out… even though I can see many areas that need improvement. But it is the first time I’ve made one of these halters, and the first time I’ve made any halter as detailed as this one.

I decided to give tongue buckles a go… not just one, but four altogether, which is commonly seen on halters like these, especially from artists in the tackmaking community. I don’t really understand how they do it, because those tongue buckles were a pain to make! This halter is supposed to be adjustable but that’s definately not possible unless I want to give myself a nasty headache! Not so much as skiving though… that’s always a pain because I simply haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. More often then not, I’ll skive a nice area smooth and thin, only to have the blade go right through the lace, causing me to have to start over from the beginning with a fresh piece. It’s something that defiantely takes a lot of practice, a lot of practice which I haven’t exactly gotten yet. 😉

This halter could use thinner skived lace, especially where the buckles are, and maybe smaller tongues for the buckles… and maybe some keepers… and defiantely some nicer looking “metal” plates. Especially on the crown buckle. (ugh!)

However, since it’s my first and all, I suppose I should look at it and be pleased with it, instead of pointing out every single thing that’s wrong with it. I finished a piece of tack and I’ll be able to use it for photos, and perhaps shows, if I get around to updating it later on.

Practice makes perfect, right? 🙂


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