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Justify’s Blanket

Several years ago I made miniature versions of American Pharoah’s Triple Crown blanket:

It only made sense to make Justify his.

In full size, this is a mesh cooler produced by Fenwick Farms. My version is made from cotton as I wasn’t sure how to add the image on a different material. But I added the d rings on each side for a belly surcingle:

An O ring at the top:

A tail cord:

And a strap at the front that fastens with velcro:

The way I make blankets has changed so much over the past few years, so I’m tempted to re-make Pharoah’s now.

This is a personal piece and will not be for sale, or others made available to sell. Sorry! 😦

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Besides a bunch of ribbon halters…

… and random pieces from Rio Rondo kits:

… there are a few more pieces of old tack that I forgot about until I started organizing it all. The most interesting are a couple of racing saddles.

The first, materials aside, isn’t too awful. It did have stirrups at one point, but they were probably used for another saddle later on. I still have the leathers but there was no way I was going to try and re-attach them. XD

It originally had a green felt pad instead of the hot pink, and a simple snaffle bridle that’s disappeared.

There was a second, made from a thinner suede-like material. I never finished it, but THAT’S no surprise!

Next is the first (and only!) Classic scale western bridle I’ve made. Bouncer can almost fit in it… from this side, anyway, shh! 😉

My first blankets were made for my Classics, cut from green felt. It was years and years before I made one for my Traditionals, but I did make a couple fly sheets. I think I was excited to use the material I had found, and they were probably based off of this one by Breyer.

Sheza Good Sport got one in purple:

And Like a Diamond got a green, complete with leg straps:

Both are kind of falling apart but I can’t get rid of either of them! 😀

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Triple Crown Blanket

I hope you all (in the US, anyway) have had a good 4th of July! I somehow ended up with the day off, which I’ve spent sewing and avoiding people, mostly.

Last month American Pharoah was the first horse in 37 years to win the Triple Crown. I don’t follow horse racing too closely (I’m really bad at keeping up with it) but this was SO exciting to see!!

For a while my newsfeed was filled with nothing but stories and photos of American Pharoah. (no complaints there) I felt inspired to make his winner’s blanket, and after finally collecting all the supplies, got to it today. Mostly, I just wanted to see if it would work.


Cigar gets to wear it since there is no Pharoah model yet. 😉

The images were put together in Photoshop first, then transferred to fabric with an iron-on transfer paper. Luckily it turned out better than I thought it would. I’ll have to keep this in mind for future projects.



Ok Breyer – when do we get a Pharoah model? 😀

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