Valentine Printables

Happy hearts day!

Here’s a small set of printables for you all. Included are two gift bags, two Valentine cards and boxes of candy hearts.

The candy hearts are super tiny. There are two versions of the file. One with the candy pieces separate and one as a single image. In the boxes I made, I cut out the heart in the center, then glued the image of the candy behind it. I covered that piece with a piece of tape beforehand, to imitate the look of a plastic window.
It’s just a little extra detail. 😊

I printed mine on cardstock but plain computer paper will work too. I hope you like them! ❀

Download Valentine Printables Here

*Please don’t sell the printables I make available for free, thank you!

11 thoughts on “Valentine Printables

  1. Thank you! I have been looking for a gift bag printable on google but none have showed up. Soooo grateful for these!

  2. I’m opening an Etsy shop and almost sold a halter with a valentine’s day halter printable. Then I remembered. It would be so unfair because you give these to us for free, but people could make themselves rich. I’m glad I remembered.


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