Almost done, but not quite

When I was working on the red browband for this double bridle, I made sure to take photos of each step so I could share them here. I also managed to delete said photos before uploading them to my computer. šŸ˜‘

So that was annoying. But the browband came together nicely, and I’m very happy with it. The fabric I used had some stretch to it, so I could stretch it over the leather piece like I would with skiver.

This week I was trying to get the reins completed, but things got busy and I ran out of time. I laced one set of reins, but I’m feeling kind of “eh” about them:

I think I’ll try making another set, with something thinner for lacing.

This bridle is so close to being done!

4 thoughts on “Almost done, but not quite

  1. Definitely on the right track! I’ve never managed to create such a true-to-life browband as that. As for the reins, I think you have high standards. Enjoy!

  2. Wow! That looks awesome! I recently used some of your printable labels and magazines etc. to spruce up my Schleich tack room and they work AMAZING! It would be great if you could make some more printables that would be great! Please!


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