MT Renaissance Faire

Several weeks ago I got to attend a small renaissance faire. I had never been to a renaissance faire before, and this was the first (that I’m aware of) in this area so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just knew I wanted to watch some jousting.

The faire ran for two weekends and the day I picked turned out to be ridiculously hot. But even with the heat (and smoke from the wildfires 😣) bothering me I had more fun than I thought I would!

There was armored fighting, jousting, chariots, giant turkey legs 🍗, spaces set up for archery and sword fighting, and characters, like a goblin and fairy, interacting with everyone. There were plenty of vendors selling things like flower crowns, costumes and jewelry, and performances featuring magic tricks, pyro juggling and music.

There were horses too, like this pretty friesian.

I liked the design of his bridle and breastcollar.

Jousting was my favorite, and I took plenty of photos which will be in their own posts, along with some horseback archery. I missed the chariots, unfortunately!

But I did have fun. For their first-ever faire, I think it went really well and am sure next year will be even better. I’m looking forward to it!

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