Etsy Preview – Halloween

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen a couple sneak peeks of some new sales pieces I’ve had in the works.

I’ve been working on this lot since August and finally finished them up today. My goal was to have them ready by early October. The holidays have this awful way of suddenly appearing without me realizing it, so this year, this year, I wanted to give myself a head start. It worked! And having a theme to follow made it a lot more fun.

There are six blankets, 3 with gussets and tail flaps, and 3 without:

English Pads:

Western Pads:

And glitter bell boots:

I’ll be listing them in my shop this coming Saturday, October 6th, around noon MST. Please keep an eye out if you’re interested!

6 thoughts on “Etsy Preview – Halloween

  1. I don’t celebrate Halloween however, these are amazing! I specifically love the blue saddle pads and the sparkly green bell boots!! If only I had a traditional to buy these for….💚

  2. SO torn between the skulls or the cobwebs. But I haven’t even used the blankets I own, gah! I absolutely love the “pattern on top” blankets you make, I hope there’s more in store for the future!

  3. These are so cool! Where do you get your fabrics? I’m in Australia and struggle to find anything even close to being in scale.

    1. Some of it I get locally, others I find online through Etsy or Ebay. I look for sellers who place rulers against the print (or use a coin or something) to show scale. Small prints are tough to find, but they are out there! 🙂


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