Early Arabian Tack

I used to make A LOT of Arabian tack. It’s been several years since I’ve made anything new, and while I’ve tried to get back into it, the interest just isn’t there right now.

But it was really appealing to me when I first got started in the hobby. I was really inspired by Liz Shaw of “Arabian Acres” (now “Tick Tock Studio,” but I don’t know if she’s active in the hobby anymore 😦 ) and spent so much time on her website, admiring all her costumes and collection of gorgeous Arabian models, most painted and haired by Faye Cohen. ❤

One thing I loved about Arabian tack was that I could find all of the materials I needed at a local craft store. The cost to make it was also much, much less than the cost of making leather pieces, so that was a plus for the jobless-teenage me. 😛 (fun fact – tack making, especially when you’re first starting out, can get really expensive really fast!)

I posted pictures in the past of my first and second Arabian costumes, but I don’t think I’ve ever shown all the (surviving) halters, so here goes!

First, a ribbon halter:

It’s so cringe-y and the chains are WAY too long and unsafe, and I want to say I put it together with a glue gun.

Here’s an early attempt at a braided halter.

The chain is better, but really tarnished.

Here’s a different style. If I remember right this was going to have a Hollywood style breastcollar and costume made to go with it.

I got really interested in Native style tack, so here’s a first attempt at a braided halter with cowrie shells. Getting better!

I’ve always liked the texture and color of this halter. It was made by blending two shades of blue together.

Here’s another costume attempt, also in the Hollywood style. I wanted to make something that would fit over an english saddle (like what’s commonly used in the show ring) but it just wasn’t working, so I gave up.

Lastly, here’s another native style halter. I did post photos of this one (years and years ago) and even though the chain is STILL way too long, I’ve always liked it.

That super tiny three strand braid took FOREVER.

I can’t see myself getting back into Arabian tack anytime soon, but you never know! Seeing these old pieces again has definitely inspired me some. 🙂

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