Finished Saddle Spam

Yay it’s finished!

And I don’t completely hate it!

And unlike my sad dressage saddle, it even got a girth!

Of course I can’t take credit for the pattern – that belongs to KeriOkie. But I altered and did some things differently, and if I make another one there are a couple more things I would do differently.

Mostly, it was just fun. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Finished Saddle Spam

  1. It looks wonderful! I’m having a really hard time finding good skiver. Is yours rio rondo? Kinda scared of buying sight unseen since you never know what you will get.

    1. Skiver is really hard to find. If you just need a little, I would purchase from Rio Rondo as their pieces are usually really nice.

      I go through so much of it that buying from Rio Rondo wasn’t practical, so I’ve been buying sheepskin hides off of ebay. (this one:
      This stuff is nice, but not consistent in thickness or grain size. However for model horse projects I’ve been really happy with it. Some parts of the hides I’ve bought have been thick enough for boots while other parts are literally paper thin. It takes dye well but because it’s white, the color varies, which makes matching it to dyed tooling leather tricky. (unless you’re dyeing it black) It’s also very stretchy, but that might vary from hide to hide as well.
      Hope this helps!


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